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Ammco 4000B Brake Lathe

Ammco Combination Bench Lathes - Model 4000B


First Choice of Professionals for Over 50 Years
Since its initial introduction four decades ago, the Ammco Model 4000B lathe has been a favorite of brake technicians everywhere. And for good reason. It's simple. It's fast. It's very precise. Ammco combination bench lathes support rotors or drums using a standard one inch arbor. And like all Ammco brake lathes, it almost never breaks down.


Max Rotor Diameter 

14.5" * 

Max Rotor Face Width  3.75"
Max Rotor Thickness  1.875"
Max Arbor Capacity
A: Standard
B: Heavy Duty
(B is optional

A. 100 lbs.
B. 200 lbs.
Spindle Speed  100, 200 RPM
Drum Feed Rate  .002" to
Rotor Feed Rate  .002"/.010"/REV
Drum Depth Up to 6.875"
Shipping Weight   365 lbs.






*  17-1/2" with optional accessories
Important: You must order one adapter kit with the 4000B. Select the one that best fits your shop. 

Key Features

  • Twin cutter tools and quick drum-to-rotor changeover.
  •  Adjustable spindle speeds (if desired) allow for quick rough cut/finish cut ettings. 
  •  Infinitely adjustable spindle-feed gear box. 
  •  User-friendly ergonomics. 
  • Supports drums or rotors up to 100 lbs. using the standard one Rotor Feed Rateinch (25.4mm) arbor, or up to 200 lbs. using the optional 1.875 inch (47.63mm) arbor.

Download our Ammco Brake Lathe Brochure and Parts List



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